Any time is a good time to start-up a company.

-Ron Conway

Elevate your start-up with our experts.

At Elevate we love dealing with start-ups. That’s why our team have co-founded and invested numerous ventures. We are also the accountants for Spacecubed and Flux, two of the largest start-up hubs in Perth.

Start-up businesses are redefining the traditional ways of conducting business due to cutting-edge innovation. We are leaders in this field and it is our aim to make sure that new business enjoys the same access to quality services that larger businesses do.

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Elevate’s start-up advice includes:

For any business starting out, the cheapest (bad) advice you receive today can often end up being very expensive down the track. Matters such as legal structure, pricing methodology and funding sources are critical to the success of any new business. Not to mention commercial mentoring and guidance.

We understand the key metrics such as MVP, CAC, LTV and cash burn. That’s why we are confident that we can help you to understand how these apply to your new venture.

Business Model

The business model design is critical in establishing a successful business. As financial experts, we are able to assist you to understand the revenue and cash flow model of the business. This will assist in ascertaining your start-up funding requirements and break-even points.

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Cash Management

Nothing is more important for a start-up than cash flow management. That’s why we can assist you to understand the cash burn rate and runway. We can also implement cash forecasting and budgeting systems so that you are always on top of your short-term and long-term cash flow.

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Investor Deck

We are able to ensure that your investor deck is prepared and ready for you to raise capital. Utilising the Guy Kawasaki pitch deck approach, we can help to ensure that the financial metrics are clearly outlined to any potential investor. Our aim so to make your start-up investor ready.

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