The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business.

Practical board advisory guidance to Elevate you from the crowd.

As business accountants, we understand far more than just numbers. We offer support and guidance across all facets of the business. In order to ensure that start-up founders can focus on developing their technology without the risk of overlooking fundamental business requirements.

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Elevate’s Board Advisory involves:

We already provide board advisory services to a number of exciting Perth start-ups.

We also understand the cash flow challenges faced by start-ups, particularly those that have bootstrapped their way through the early stages. We offer flexible fee arrangements and take a long-term approach when working with start-up businesses.

Monthly KPI Reporting

We are able to provide monthly reports that incorporate financial and non-financial KPI reporting. Along with budget versus actual analysis. This is in order to ensure that our clients have critical business intelligence at their fingertips.

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Financing Strategy

We work with start-up businesses to determine how much capital is required, the cash burn rate and methods of raising finance. We assist to identify benefits such as R&D, grants and ESIC concessions for shareholders.

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Corporate Secretarial

We provide a full suite of cost-effective corporate secretarial services including ASIC compliance, advice on employee share plans and ESOP tax concessions, share registry management and assist to develop corporate governance frameworks.

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