Every decision you make in business has a financial consequence.

– Barbara Vrancik

Elevate your finances with a part-time CFO.

The value that a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) adds to any business is the ability to look to the future. As well as to ensure that the business is financially prepared for the road ahead.

We are able to integrate business growth into the financial performance of your business. If your business doesn’t have the internal financial capabilities it requires, Elevate can fill the gap in your Perth business.

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A CFO is responsible for:

We believe that all businesses require certain aspects that a high performing CFO provides. However, many businesses do not have the need for a part-time or full-time employee in this role. At Elevate, we can solve this problem. We provide customised CFO solutions to enable our clients to access a full accounting department, including CFO, financial controller and accountant.

Reporting and Analysis

Many businesses collect financial and operational data but don’t know what to do with it. We are able to develop and implement financial and non-financial reporting systems to ensure that business owners’ have information at their fingertips. Most importantly, we make sure that our clients understand what it all means.

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Working Capital Management

We assist our clients in managing the working capital requirements of their business. Along with assisting our clients to understand their working capital cycle. In addition, we educate them on strategies to manage and improve their cash flow.

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Board and Management Meetings

We attend board and management meetings in our capacity as the CFO. This includes preparing monthly management reports prior to meetings and ensuring that the management team are fully informed of the financial position of the business. Meetings can be held monthly or quarterly, at your office or ours.

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