If I had to run a company on three measures, those measures would be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash flow.

– Jack Welch

We are experts at managing cash flow.

At Elevate, we assist our clients in managing the working capital requirements of their business. We help our clients to understand their working capital cycle and we educate them on strategies to manage and improve their cash flow. All businesses have an opportunity to improve their cash position by closely managing their working capital.

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When Elevate manages cash flow, we offer the following services:

Before developing a solution to solve the cash shortage, it’s imperative to understand why the situation has occurred. When we are asked to assist we, firstly, undertake a thorough assessment of the factors leading to the current situation. Often this is due to factors such as the business incurring prolonged trading losses, rapid growth, high debt loads and repayments, poor debtor collection, significant bad debts or excessive owner drawings.

Once the cause has been identified, we then work with the business owner to develop a plan to rectify the situation. This may include various internal and external activities, such as arranging additional bank finance, seeking equity contributions, creditor negotiation, business restructuring and cash flow management initiatives.

Cash Flow Management

We assist businesses to understand their short-term cash flow and implement systems to ensure that they don’t run out of cash. We recommend the use of rolling 13-week cash flow forecasts for short-term cash flow management.

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Three-way Financial Forecasts

A three-way financial forecast is an integrated forecast model that comprises a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. These forecasts enable a business to understand its long-term finance requirements and are used in Bank and ATO negotiations.

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Obtaining Bank Finance

We assist businesses to prepare finance proposals and arrange finance with their Bank. We are not Finance Brokers, don’t hold a credit licence and don’t receive a commission for loans, we simply have extensive experience and contacts with local Banks. Therefore, we can assist you to meet the right banker, at the right bank with the right information.

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