By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

– Benjamin Franklin

Business planning ensures that businesses are focused in the right direction.

Above all, business planning is the cornerstone of a successful growth strategy. When working with business owners’ we first identify where the business is. Then we decipher where it wants to grow and how we can get it there. That’s the Now-Where-How challenge. As a result, this approach ensures that future strategies are creatively developed and critically tested.

Elevate’s approach to business planning has been developed over decades. During this time, we have gained extensive experience working closely with Perth businesses across a multitude of industries. Each business plan is specifically tailored to the individual business. To that end, Elevate partner with businesses to clearly define their direction and align goals of all stakeholders.

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Elevate’s business planning services include:

In preparing for business planning sessions, we conduct a review of our client’s business and industry. This ensures that we are suitably prepared when the planning sessions are undertaken.

We have been requested on many occasions to review only select operational functions and we also assist to facilitate implementation meetings to ensure that the agreed changes are being undertaken effectively.

One-Page Business Plan

In today’s fast-moving world, a simple approach to business planning is often more effective. A One-Page Business Plan enables a business to identify its Now-Where-How and create action plans to achieve the desired goals. Short-term planning allows us to be agile and respond quickly to market changes.

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Strategic Plan

In some situations, a business requires a full strategic plan addressing matters such as vision, competitive advantage, markets, customers, products, services and operations. We are expert facilitators and develop strategic plans with supporting action plans and financial forecasts.

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Growth Workshop

If a business needs a boost to revenue and expansion, we are able to facilitate a growth workshop to identify strategic alternatives and initiatives. A workshop creates a cost-effective solution for businesses to brainstorm future options and to ensure key management are engaged.

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